Drop by our booth in the Small Press Area (SP 58) for free comic books, bookmarks, candy or just to say hello! Also, all of our graphic novels will be on sale 25-40% off!

We hope to see you there!

Come join us for a Free Comic Book Day on May 3, 2014 at your local comic book store and pick up our two FCBD books: Magic Wind and Entropy!


For more information about our FCBD books visit the official FCBD website.
For Magic Wind, click here.
For Entropy, click here.


Read an exclusive FCBD interview with the creators of Magic Wind FCBD book, Gianfranco Manfredi and Pasquale Frisenda!
Click here for interview.
And here is an interview with the creators of Entropy FCBD book: Davor Radoja and Well-Bee!