Knowledge is power. And now it’s time to take the power back!

A society divided into two classes: the haves and the have nots. Controlled by a government that has banned and destroyed any form of media that it feels will corrupt the human mind. Yet there are those who hold secrets, who hold meetings, and who are prepared to fight for a better future.

This year's exciting FCBD story continues! Beautifully illustrated by Well-Bee whose intense, saturated colors perfectly complement the honest writing of Davor Radoja (creator of last year’s hard-hitting graphic novel Miracle), this dynamic duo will have you locked in this tale of friendship, love, desperation and hope.

ISBN: 978-0988984776

Written by Davor Radoja

Artwork by Well-Bee

Out on July 23, 2014 everywhere!!

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When a body of a young man is found dead near an oil pump, Poe insists his death is the result of human greed, but Magic Wind has another idea. Could the Native American legend of terrifying creature that feeds on bones of the dead be true? Read the thrilling conclusion of this year's FCBD story!

Illustrated by one of the top Italian artists, the award winning Pasquale Frisenda, this graphic novel marks his English language debut! An explosively unique and brilliant novel where gothic western meets thriller!

Written by Gianfanco Manfredi

Artwork by Pasquale Frisenda
Exclusive cover by Bane Kerac

ISBN: 978-0988984769

Out on July 23, 2014!

Find it at your local comic book store, on Amazon or right here on our website!