Far outgunned and outnumbered, the Native American tribe Modoc, led by the famous Modoc chief, Kintpuash (aka Captain Jack) defies the mighty US military at Lava Beds National Park in northeastern California. In this all-out mayhem Tex still tries to uphold justice, no matter the color of the skin. Enrique Breccia’s breathtaking, expressive artwork gives life to each panel of this dramatic story that is based on true events.

Story: Tito Faraci

Art: Enrique Breccia

Out on November 1, 2023!



Alvar Mayor Book 2: The Ominous Wind

As others keep searching for gold and he keeps searching for truth, Alvar Mayor's incredible journey into unknown frequently crosses back and forth between dream and reality, as he encounters multitudes of colorful characters.


Alvar Mayor Book 3: The Three Deaths of Alvar Mayor

Alvar Mayor gets a glimpse at his future, his last moments. However, he does not know which one of the three ends the fate has prepared for him.

Story: Carlos Trillo

Art: Enrique Breccia