Reminiscence and melancholy return with the face of Marina Kimball, Dylan's first true love, as fragments of the lost summer are rewound over the slow course of memory. Could it have been different? No one will ever know, but Marina is here and she does not bring nightmares or terror, only the sweet ghost of a long goodbye...

Story: Mauro Marcheselli

Script: Tiziano Sclavi

Artwork: Carlo Ambrosini

Cover artwork: version 1-Marco Mastrazzo

                         version 2-Well-Bee

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How did Zagor become King of Darkwood or, even better, why? What drives him? What does the symbol on his shirt mean? Who were his parents? You will find out answers to all of these and many more questions in Zagor: The Origins!

This omnibus contains three full stories: Zagor's Story, Darkwood Year Zero and The Rainbow Bridge! 448 pages!

Stories: Guido Nolitta, Moreno Burattini & Mauro Boselli

Artwork: Gallieno Ferri

Cover: Michele Rubini

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