When Zagor's arch-nemesis Professor Hellingen mysteriously disappears from the scientific military base Skylab, Zagor braces himself for a crisis of colossal magnitude. Still, nothing can prepare him for what comes next...!
Contains three full stories: Timeless Magic, Sci-Fi Chico and Day of the Invasion! Total of 668 pages!

You can buy it from your favorite comic book store, Amazon (Rubini cover version and Ferri cover version) or our webshop.


Story: Gallieno Ferri (Timeless Magic, Sci-Fi Chico)

          Jacopo Rauch (Day of the Invasion)

Artwork: Gallieno Ferri

Cover: Michele Rubini (pencil/pen)

            Well-Bee (color)

Cover (variant): Gallieno Ferri (pencil/pen)

            Well-Bee (color)


Rubini cover:



Ferri cover: